Department of Sculpture

The Sculpture specialisation is a comprehensive program that immerses students in the world of three-dimensional art. It focuses on both traditional and contemporary sculptural practices, allowing students to explore and master materials like clay, metal, wood, and modern composites. Through hands-on experience and experimentation, students learn to express their artistic visions in physical forms.
The curriculum includes the study of art history, providing context for their work within the broader narrative of visual arts. Additionally, the program covers the philosophy of art, or Aesthetics, encouraging students to think about the deeper meanings and implications of their creations. Courses on methods and materials equip them with the technical skills and knowledge needed to innovate in the field of visual arts.
This well-rounded approach ensures that graduates are not only skilled sculptors but also thoughtful contributors to the art world and society.

Program Outcomes for Sculpture Specialisation:
• Graduates will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of sculptural techniques and materials, fostering an ability to create sophisticated three-dimensional art.
• Students will develop a personal artistic vision and the emotional intelligence to imbue their sculptures with meaning and expression.
• Equipped with a diverse skill set in traditional and modern sculptural practices, alumni will be prepared for various professional opportunities in the art sector.
• The program will cultivate critical thinkers who can analyse and synthesise art history and aesthetics to push the boundaries of visual arts.
• Graduates will emerge as socially responsible artists who can engage communities through impactful and culturally relevant sculptural works.

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Sunil Dutt Gautam (Sculpture)

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