Welcome to Jawahar Lal Nehru Government College of Fine Arts!

Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru Govt College of Fine Arts, Shimla, is an exclusive government institution in Himachal Pradesh dedicated to training young people having immense potential for performing and fine arts. It came into existence in June 2015 and has its campus at Loharab, about 18 kilometers from the main town of Shimla. Pleasant surroundings with scenic splendor, solitude and a large campus are the main attractions of this establishment. The College was born of a need felt by the government and connoisseurs of the artistic world for specialized training and the granting of a degree in fine arts. The college offers courses in Painting, Applied Arts, Sculpture, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music (Sitar and Tabla) and Kathak Dance. Basic compulsory courses in Hindi, English and Computers supplement the core courses.
The Institution works at all levels to create a conducive atmosphere for the advancement of the artistic mind - a dedicated and talented faculty, an administration and a bunch of talented and enthusiastic students! A combination of all these has produced specifically successful and trained groups of students who have excelled in their fields and are creating an impact not only at the State but also at the national level.

Our motto is — Flight to Infinity!

The artist harmonizes all their senses to a point where they achieve a connection with society as it is and with its divinity, i.e., as it should be. Here in the College, not only are the students supported and guided to soar into their individual higher selves as they work on their talents, but also to meet the requirements of the society around them by creating an atmosphere of awareness and harmony.

Our mission at the Institution thus becomes to prepare students for a life that fulfils them personally and socially so that they do not become a burden on society. They contribute to the artistic sensibilities of all around them, creating joy, expression and awareness wherever their art takes them. The College is dedicated to the nurturing of various arts through research and creation of new work representing the past while starting to define the future of artistic traditions.

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