Bachelor of visual art (B.V.A.)

The Department of Visual Art (B.V.A.) at JLNGC of Fine Arts offers three major specialised courses: Painting, Applied Art, and Sculpture. Each course is a comprehensive 4-year specialised degree in visual arts.
During the first year, students undergo two semesters of foundation courses. These foundational courses are designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the basics of all three specialised subjects. This approach ensures that students gain essential skills and knowledge across different areas of visual arts, including fundamental techniques, theories, and practical applications.
By exploring the basics of Painting, Applied Art, and Sculpture, students can better understand their personal interests and aptitudes. This foundational year is crucial as it allows students to make informed decisions about their specialisation. Starting from the third semester, students will have the opportunity to choose one of the three specialised subjects to focus on for the remainder of their degree. This structured progression not only helps students build a strong foundation in visual arts but also guides them in selecting the path that best aligns with their creative passions and career aspirations.
Throughout the program, students will receive instruction and support from the faculty, ensuring they develop the technical skills, conceptual understanding, and creative confidence needed to excel in their chosen field of visual arts.
The curriculum across these specialisations integrates foundational art education with advanced studio practices, encouraging students to experiment and innovate. Additionally, the program includes art history, Aesthetics (Philosophy of art), and professional development courses to ensure graduates are well-rounded and prepared for the dynamic field of visual arts.

Faculty Members of Visual art department
• Dr. Anjana Bhardwaj (Painting)
• Dr. Sunil Dutt Gautam (Sculpture)
• Sh. Aman (Applied art)

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