Developing an environment that inspires students to attain creative excellence through challenging and innovative artistic training programs.
Fostering an inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and artistic styles.
Continuously adapting to stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies.
Encouraging professional growth of faculty members to ensure a skilled and motivated team.
Providing cutting-edge facilities required to create a conducive environment for artistic exploration, experimentation, and production.
Actively engaging with the local and larger artistic communities, fostering collaborations and events that showcase students’ talents and contribute to the cultural enrichment of the region.
Equipping students with practical skills, professional practices and entrepreneurial knowledge, for successful careers.
Implementing a robust system of assessment and feedback to monitor student progress, program effectiveness, and institutional performance, with commitment to improvement.
Integrating global perspectives by exposing students to diverse artistic traditions and cross-cultural influences, preparing them to contribute to the global arts community

Notice for Roll-on admissions.
Admission schedule 2024-25