Department of Painting

The Painting specialisation is a comprehensive program that provides students with a strong foundation in visual arts. It focuses on developing technical skills in various painting techniques and styles, allowing students to express their creative visions effectively. Through practical studio work, students are encouraged to experiment and refine their personal artistic style, which is crucial for developing their artistic identity.
Theoretical studies complement this hands-on approach, offering insights into art history and aesthetics. This helps students develop a critical understanding of art. The combination of practical skills and critical thinking ensures that graduates can create compelling visual art and analyse and understand their work in the context of art history and philosophy.
Additionally, courses on methods and materials teach students about the different tools and mediums available, allowing them to make informed choices that enhance their artistic expression. This well-rounded education prepares students for the dynamic and ever-evolving field of visual arts, ensuring they are ready to contribute meaningfully to the cultural landscape.

Program Outcomes for Painting Specialisation:
• Graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of visual arts, enabling them to apply various painting techniques and styles to express complex artistic visions.
• Students will develop a deep personal connection to their work, fostering a unique artistic identity and a passion for continuous learning and expression.
• Equipped with practical skills and an understanding of art materials and methods, graduates will be prepared for diverse career opportunities in the visual arts sector.
• The program instills the ability to critically evaluate artworks, considering historical and philosophical contexts, thus enhancing analytical and interpretative capabilities.
• Graduates will contribute to the cultural landscape with a socially aware perspective, understanding the impact of visual arts within a community.

Teaching Faculty
• Dr. Anjana Bhardwaj

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