Department of Applied Art

The Applied Art specialisation is a diverse field that combines artistic principles with practical design and communication strategies. It covers areas like graphic design, advertising, and media arts, all important in today's creative industries. Students study the history and practices of advertising design, learning how visual communication affects consumer behaviour.
The curriculum is designed to produce well-rounded professionals with strong skills in creating compelling visual media. This specialisation not only enhances their artistic abilities but also improves their strategic thinking, preparing them for the fast-paced world of applied arts. With a focus on research and critical analysis, the program helps students understand the cultural, social, and economic contexts they will work in. This prepares them to become innovators and better designers in their fields.

Program Outcomes for Applied Art Specialisation:
Graduates will possess a robust foundation in design principles and artistic techniques, enabling them to produce innovative visual solutions that effectively communicate messages and ideas.
• Students will develop a deep appreciation for aesthetics and artistic expression, fostering an environment where creativity and emotional intelligence drive design excellence.
• Equipped with practical skills and a strategic mindset, alumni will be prepared to excel in various roles within the creative industries, from graphic design to advertising and beyond.
• The program instills the ability to critically evaluate visual media, considering cultural, social, and ethical implications, thus shaping graduates who are thoughtful and responsible designers.
• By understanding the impact of visual communication on society, graduates will be capable of creating designs that resonate with diverse audiences and contribute positively to the social fabric.

Teaching Faculty
• Sh. Aman (Applied art)

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